Everest view From Kalapathar

Tibet - Roof of the World

Undoubtedly, one of the most fascinating destinations of the world, this ancient land has remained secluded in its mysteries for centuries. Only since early 1980s did this ‘ forbidden land’ open its fantastic vistas of diverse topography, culture and people to the outside world. Also known as the roof of the world, this mystical kingdom of fantasy in the heart of Asia has captured man’s imagination as no other land has. Even today, Tibet’s glorious past lives on in the nomads herding the yaks, monks and monasteries, the pilgrims at the sacred shrines and the natural bounties. Our trips to Tibet take you to extraordinary places of cultural and religious interest. We introduce you to the highest monasteries on the earth and to the pious monks and the nomadic herdsmen of the Tibetan plateau. With us, you can circumambulate the axis of the world, Mount Kailash and take in the awesome sight of Mt. Everest and other highest mountains in the world from Rongbuk and Gutso.


As most of the places in Tibet lies over 12000 feet, you are likely to experience some of the minor symptoms and discomfort of altitude sickness (headache, mild nausea, loss of appetite) until your body adjusts to the elevation. This can take from few hours to a couple of days, depending on the individual. You should take it lightly but drink plenty of non-alcoholic liquids. Proper hydration is critical to acclimatization.


Photography is allowed in most places except security areas. The monasteries usually charge for photographs, often quite a lot. Rates are be given by the guide. Video cameras are allowed in China. All valuables must be declared at customs including cameras & video cameras. Do not lose custom declaration form, which is needed at the time of leaving China.

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