We participated in the Kailash Manasarovar Yatra organized by Heritage Nepal from 5th June 17 to 15th June 17.

I and my wife join together in conveying our heartfelt appreciation and thanks to you and to your Team (Kishor, Dharma and others in different places like Simikot and Hilsa) for making our trip safe, comfortable and successful despite a number of obstacles.

Special thanks to you for your sincere and relentless efforts, going beyond normal limits, to get necessary clearances from concerned Indian Govt authorities and from Chinese Govt. to keep the tour alive and happen in time.

Without your strategic approach and planning, I don’t think we could have completed our Yatra successfully and without much hardship. Years of exposure in this field (organizing such yatras for a large Group of pilgrims) was reflected very clearly in the way in which the last trip (5th June 17) was handled by you and your Team. Your staff in the war front (handling the pilgrims) also supported very well maintaining the strategy despite a lot of pressure from the disappointed/ frustrated pilgrims. Once, we were not sure whether the tour would mature or not when we had to stay in Kathmandu/ Nepalgunj for nearly four days (Three days more than the schedule). But when the tour started moving on 9th June 17, then no turning back at any place until we returned to Kathmandu on 14th June 17. God’s mercy was fully with us in completing the tour successfully and with excellent, clear darshan of Holy mount, Kailash.

While many other groups suffered a lot at different places for want of proper accommodation, we never felt the pinch as we all were accommodated in the best possible way at Simikot, Hilsa, Purang and at Manasarovar. The food arrangement at different places also was very good during this trip.

I and my wife felt that the travel, accommodation and food arrangements were better than that we experienced in general last year when we participated in the 16th June 2016 KM Yatra with my sister’s family.

We once again would like to record our appreciation and thanks for the excellent way the KM Tour was organized and wish sincerely all future tours organized by you and your Team to be very successful with full satisfaction for the pilgrims handled by you.

Wishing you and your Team all the best and with best regards,