We have designed this trek for those people who have short time and love the nature and mountain views. Around Kathmandu Valley Trek provides you a unique opportunity to explore the myriad wonders of nature, rural Nepal and the awe inspiring majesty and beauty of dramatic mountain views. Your first destination is Chisapani, where you will be enjoying the real boon of nature being away from the hubbub of city and your interaction with the local people will add another experience. Early sunrise view from Nagarkot is the most fascinating and mesmerizing view. Nagarkot is on the edge of the valley and offers superb view of the mountains as well as Kathmandu valley. Along with this you visit the temple at Changunarayan which offers you to have a peek observation of the religious practice of Nepalese people. Before coming back to Kathmandu, we take you Bhaktapur, city of devotees, the home of medieval art and architecture. The Lion Gate, the Palace of 55 windows, the Batsala temple and the Nyatapola temple which is the best example of Pagoda style structure in Nepal are worth seeing.

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